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How to Use a Dab Straw Silicone Honey Straw

The world of dabbing just keeps expanding with more and more devices to better the already fantastic experience. A relatively new device that has been circulating for the past year or so is the vertical dabbing rig or dab straw. This rig allows you to consume your hit vertically, sucking the vapor up through the straw. You can get the rig in a variety of brands and styles although the honey straw and nectar collector are the styles most commonly found. Just like the name suggests, you get to suck up your dabs very purposefully, making sure that you get your full hit with no wasted concentrates.

An Introduction to the Dab Straw

Honey straws are fun but don't always come cheap. If you’re looking for a premium dab straw, you’ll be paying anywhere from a hundred dollars to somewhere in the thousands (although for around a hundred, you can get a top notch honey straw that will fulfill all your needs). The dab straw rig itself is strange looking for those only familiar with traditional wax rigs, resembling creepy medical equipment from 1862. It has a syringe like shape with the straw portion on top and a tip made of a beneficial material such as titanium that collects the concentrate. Don't be put off by the appearance of these distinctive rigs; they’re actually quite easy to use.

Using a Honey Straw or Nectar Collector

Whether you're using the honey straw or the nectar collector model, the process is basically the same. You fill the body less than halfway up with water. Then, you insert the dab straw into the top. You may need to clip it during this step, depending on the brand, price and whether you're using the honey straw or nectar collector. Then you insert the tip into the bottom of the body. You should now have a vertical dabbing rig in your hands. You will now just need something to hold the concentrates so you can suck them up through your straw.

Using a Concentrate Container with a Dab Straw

Some of the rigs you can buy come with a device that will hold the concentrate so that you can suck up the vapors with ease. These may look like a glass or titanium wax dish. If your rig doesn't come with one, you will have to find something to use like a lab watch glass or glass dabber holder. It will have to be something that can withstand the heat, unlike aluminum foil which is prone to give off nasty toxins.

Properly Heating Your Honey Straw

For this example, we’re assuming that you’re using a dab straw with a titanium tip. Once you have filled the body with a bit of water and assembled the rig, you will want to place your concentrates on your dab glass. At this point you will be ready to heat your titanium and then place the titanium over the concentrate so that you can suck up the vapors. Make sure that you don't overheat the titanium; heating until slightly red is all that's needed. Any more than this and you risk cracking your rig or losing the potency of your concentrate by burning the compounds and terpenes. The dab straw allows you to suck up the amount of concentrate you want without any waste. Some dabbers prefer using a honey straw because of its precision and accuracy while others are attracted to the novelty of using a dab straw. Some users will definitely prefer a more traditional wax rig. However, if you’re looking to ditch the oil rig or simply want a more convenient alternative, a well-designed dab straw could be just what you need.

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