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What are Silicone Honey Straws, Pipes & Accessories

Silicone honey straws, smoking products are all the rage nowadays. Whether you're looking for a silicone pipe such as a spoon, bong, dab rig, or specialty pipes; or silicone smoking accessories such as silicone jars, tips, downstems, asthrays, and more. Now there's pretty much a silicone version of every kind of smoking product you could imagine.

There's good reason for the rise in popularity of these products. Smoker's worldwide are switching to silicone because it is nearly indestructible, meaning you don't have to constantly replace your glass pipes, downstems and other accessories. Silicone is also extremely easy to clean with most products being dishwasher safe. On top of that silicone is heat resistant so product such as silicone dab mats, storage containers, and silicone nectar collectors are great for dab sessions as well! Ditch the glass and see what all the fuss is about with amazing silicone from brands such as Ornate Ocean and many more available online at .

The Ornate Ocean Silicone Honey Straw value set, really great for the beginners. Ornate Ocean silicone honey straw is the best choice for you. It’s all-in one value pack, premium quality, resistance to high temperature. Most important, it helps you save money. It’s only around 25$ for the ornate ocean honey straw value set. You get one silicone honey straw, jar containers, wax container holder, stainless steel carving tool, nonstick wax mat. Can you image it? It’s so valuable. You can get it at the Ornate Ocean website:

Or you can get it at Ornate Ocean Amazon Store:

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