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What is a Honey Straw/Nectar Collector, and how does it work?

Updated: May 23, 2019

What is a Nectar Collector?

A Honey Straw/Nectar Collector is a new type of dabbing piece that features a straight tube design that works similar to drinking out of a straw. Nectar Collectors are made specifically for smoking waxes and oils. They are made up of a neck, body, and tip. Nectar Collectors can be made of glass or silicone and the tips can be made of either titanium, quartz or ceramic. At one end is a glass mouthpiece which is where you will be inhaling your vapor from. The neck is detachable so you can easily clean it and also pack it away for traveling. Our Honey Straws/Nectar Collectors also include a plastic keck clip that is used to secure to the two pieces together while you're using it. In the middle of the nectar collector is the main body which houses the percolator and where the vapor will travel through to be cooled down and filtered before reaching your mouth. When adding water you want to do it before you attach the neck so water does not get stuck in there. You should add just enough water to the middle chamber so it covers the percolator inside.

Why Use A Honey Straw/Nectar Collector?

Honey Straws/Nectar Collectors are one of the newest and coolest ways to smoke concentrates as opposed to using a traditional bong or dab rig. Honey Straws/Nectar Collectors vaporize your concentrates but they aren't actually vaporizers, they are portable but not bubblers or hand pipes, they use water but aren't bongs. Honey Straws/Nectar Collectors are in their entirely own class and are gaining immense popularity in the dabbing scene and smoking community. This is because of their ease of use, portability and the ability to ensure none of your concentrates are wasted. Honey Straws/Nectar Collectors are far more portable and easy to use than a traditional dab rig and are designed for one-handed operation. The biggest advantage of using a nectar collector is you place the tip of the straw in direct contact with your concentrates and inhale. This allows you to dab right out of your silicone container without the need for using a dab tool, it also ensures no wax is wasted by getting stuck in your dab jar. Another advantage of using a nectar collector is the ability to easily control and monitor how much concentrate you are smoking.

How does a Honey Straws/Nectar Collectors work?

The first and most important thing when using a nectar collector is to heat the tip using a dab torch until it is just about red hot. If you prefer lower temperature dabs you will want to wait about 10 seconds to let the tip cool down before using it. Next, you will want to have your wax or oil on a heat resistant surface such as silicone or glass. Finally press the tip of the nectar collector slowly against your oil or wax and inhale while doing so. It's really that simple! Now you can get every last bit without any getting stuck in your jar or container or on your dab tool. We recommend investing in a quality Honey Straws/Nectar Collectors to ensure it works to it's fullest potential and you get the most from your concentrates.

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