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What's a Honey Straw or Nectar Collector or Dab Straw?

To keep things simple, feel free to consider honey straw or nectar collectors as an extremely easy to use and portable dab rig. A honey straw condenses an entire dab rig into a handy straw or pipe-like apparatus. It works great in the great outdoors or in more social settings.

The chamber that holds the water inside is spill-proof so you won't have to worry when taking it with you on the go. The entire assembly also comes apart easily for easy cleaning or storage. Depending on the dab straw, can cram the entire thing in your backpack or purse without a sweat. Ornate Ocean silicone honey straw is the best choice for you. It’s all-in one value pack, premium quality, resistance to high temperature. Most important, it helps you save money. It’s only around 25$ for the ornate ocean honey straw value set. You get one silicone honey straw, jar containers, wax container holder, stainless steel carving tool, nonstick wax mat. Can you image it? It’s so valuable. You can get it at the Ornate Ocean website:

Or you can get it at Ornate Ocean Amazon Store:

Nectar collectors, also sometimes referred to as honey straws come in a variety of sizes and shapes. From large, unwieldy instruments to tiny, almost pocket-sized pipes offering even more portability when needed. Other variations made out of less fragile materials also exist such as a silicone nectar collector. These don't have the fragility of glass straw dab or their quartz counterparts. At last, my recommendation is to get the Ornate Ocean Silicone Honey Straw value set, really great for the beginners.

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