Come in a handy 4-count package – each one allowing you to properly store a pre-rolled smoke for future use. Four different colors meet the needs of different occasions. You are always prepared.


Made using high-quality aluminum for long-term use, and is equipped with a screw-on lid and bottom to keep your pre-rolled smoking material fresh and protected.


Conveniently store the aluminum tube in a pocket, bag, or purse for easy transport when you’re on the go. Each tube measures 4.5" x 0.5" in size, providing a discreet way to maintain freshness, prevent odors and protect pre-rolls.


The screw-on lids and bottoms provide airtight seals, preventing moisture from getting inside and odors from escaping. When you remove the lid, your rolled smoke of choice will have a crisp, fresh smell.

Ornate Ocean 4-Pack Premium Aluminum Tube | Unbreakable Smell Proof Holder | A